Hjem Hjem
§1 The members shall conduct themselves in a factual and correct manner in their professional activities. The members must avoid any behaviour that may possibly harm Denif as an association or the business else wise. The members shall at all times perform with a sense of kindness and consideration towards other members.
§2 Denif forbids its members to publicise or share confidential information about the association to others without approval from the board.
§3 Denif forbids its members to publicise or share confidential information about the association to organisers, artists or colleagues who he or she has obtained contact with through his or hers work in the business.
§4 The members are asked to agree decent fees for their work. The fee should reflect the value of the professional work that has been done in each case, such as the duration and costs involved. The fee in question must in no way be used to harm the reputation of Denifs members in the market. The fee and the background for the estimate should always be presented to the customer. If two or more of Denifs members are co-operating in landing an agreement for organisers, they are asked to contact each other and to clarify how to complete the arrangement at an early stage in the process, to ensure that both preparations and financial matters are taken care of in the best way possible for all parties involved. It must be agreed upon how much of the fee in question is to fall to each member and how the arrangement should be invoiced.
  In cases of co-operation between other impresario agencies or other companies, the members should always examine whether the tasks involved can be carried out best- or as good, by co-operation between members.
§5 The members must follow up and maintain the set due dates, maximum 30 days.
§6 The members must take in use the standard contracs of the association for Nordic professionals, and maintain and follow the contents and additional riders.
§7 The members must always keep an updated list of artists and orchestras with whom the members have a representation agreement. This list must be sent Denifs secretariat. If such agreement is brought to an end, this shall be announced to the association in writing together with any relevant information regarding the matter.
  The members of Denif have no right to present other members artists' sales wise without permission in advance from each representative involved.
§8 What geographical distances, time aspect and other competitive factor are concerned, a great deal of consideration shall be taken booking wise towards organisers and artists. When in doubt, all parties involved must be contacted for approval.
§9 Any information regarding fees- given orally or in writing to artists, organisers or colleagues, shall be treated with utmost consideration.
  The members shall always operate with instructive market prices towards the artists, and give information regarding any additional costs fee wise.
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