Hjem Hjem
Further member information only available in Norwegian
Firm/agency Member Location
Absolutt Event AS Christian Dyresen Oslo
Arrangements Forum Knut Elvin Oslo
Artistguiden Bjørn Terje Bråthen Strømmen
Artistportalen Jens Richard Jensen Stokmarknes
B.M.Production Kjell Fiskerud Årnes
Best Company AS Geir Hamnes Oslo
Bugge Artistmanagement & Produksjon Henriette Bugge Oslo
Engelbrektsson Entertainment
Bjørn Engelbrektsson Nordfjordeid
Euromusic AS Gunnar Sund Oslo
Flan Booking Alf Aarseth Ålesund
HiHat Management Jan Sollesnes Bergen
Hilde Jørgensen AS Hilde Jørgensen Trondheim
Intro Music AS Morten Skaget Trondheim
JS Artist AS
Jan Sollien Oslo
JVP Impresario ANS Jo Vestly Mjøndalen
Jørg Fr. Ellertsen AS Jørg-Fr. Ellertsen Oslo
Konsertkompaniet Jørgen Skeie jr Haugesund
LS Produksjon AS Carl Martin Kisen Skotterud
Musikk & Artist Formidleren Eeles Långsjø Sandefjord
Pullman Scene A/S Bjørn Heiseldal Oslo
Rainbow Booking AS Per Langsholt Askim
Rockpartner Entertainment Morten Dahl Trondheim
Rocksport Booking Reidun Berntsen Berger
Knut Müller-Nilssen Gjerdrum
Trond & Trond AS Trond Myhre Oslo
Ultimat Artist AS Kim Nordbæk Oslo
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